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Pirenópolis is just 150 km from Brasília and 120 km from Goiânia, with excellent access roads. National Historic and Artistic Heritage – guards the charms of life in the countryside and invites its visitors to get to know and interact with its colonial buildings and farms, with its rich and abundant gastronomy, with its ecological sanctuaries and with its friendly and hospitable people. Its visitors are surprised by high quality tourist services and cultural, environmental and social initiatives that swarm among residents – new and old – who offer diversity, quality of life and contribute to the conservation of the Cerrado.

Vagafogo Wildlife Sanctuary

Pirenópolis has an irresistible charm and has achieved a privileged position by developing quality tourism with diversified entertainment. Here, traditional manifestations such as the Festa do Divino and Cavalhadas coexist harmoniously with the most avant-garde proposals for sustainable living.

Nature tourism stands out for its incredible waterfalls that help to compose a scenario that offers options for sun and beach tourism in the heart of Brazil, in addition to unforgettable and safe adventure tourism activities, accessible to visitors of all ages.


  The gastronomy is a spectacle on its own, because here the rich and traditional cuisine of Goiás is side by side with the newest trends in national and international cuisine, revealing the experience and creativity of the countless chefs who delight their visitors with tasty and innovative dishes. Considered the birthplace of Goiás culture, Pirenópolis inspires local artists and artisans and attracts established talents who seek contact with nature and quality of life to develop their work. The result is authentic, top quality crafts such as silver jewelry, handcrafted ceramics, weaving, wooden pieces, masks, etc.  



Pirenópolis has numerous options for tourism that cover everyone. Its historic streets, mansions, museums and churches tell all the life and history of the 18th century. In its surroundings, geology, environment and ecology are explained by the cerrado, mining ruins and rock formations.


-Pirenópolis is a small city, paved with stones and with countless  natural walks on beautiful trails, so comfortable shoes are always best.

-The city still does not have a 24H Bank

- Arriving in the city, visit the CAT (tourist service center), get directions for tours and local tourist agencies, so it's safer and more comfortable.

-With several options for natural tourism, a camera and repellent are essential items.

-All attractions are set in the Cerrado Biome; enjoy this environment and its charms.

- Make the most of your visit.                                          



Hello everyone, did you know that the Vagafogo Sanctuary has a total area of 24.46 hectares?

In this area there are numerous wild animals that are easily sniffed by domestic animals, so by instinct these (pets) run out to meet you.

In such a situation, we from the Vagafogo family would not be able to provide an immediate rescue.  due to the extensive area.

Because of our affection for all animals, we take this protective measure.

Thank you for understanding.

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