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Brunch da Vagafogo is a wonderful gastronomic festival made from cerrado fruits grown on site and dairy products produced on the farm.

All the items that make up the Brunch come from sustainable and conscious management applied on the farm, thus valuing the diversity of seasonal fruits and the harmonization of the items offered.


Brunch Items

Wholemeal Bread - White Bread - Honey Bread - Jellies: 10 flavors - Sweet and sour seasonings: 2 flavors - Fresh Cheese - Cottage cheese: 3 flavors Omelet - Cheese Bread - Cheese Biscuit - Corn Bread - Fruit Salad - Granola - Honey - Curd - Chanclish -  Meat (lizard) - Butter - Waffle - Banana Tart - Whipped cream - Coffee - Milk - Juices.and other seasonal delicacies.

Production of items

Origin menu

1 Ambrosia Seca: Bottled butter lees with sugar and lemon zest – Origin: Ceará.

2 Omelet with bottled butter (Ceará) or clarified butter (France) or Gui (India).

3 Chanclish : Made from ricotta, salt, olive oil, onion and zattar – Origin: Arabic

4 Chutney: Indian bittersweet seasoning, ginger, garlic, pepper, salt and sugar. You can use different fruits  Origin: India

5 Cucumber Relish: Grated or sliced, cardamom, sugar, vinegar and salt – Origin:  India

6 Cheese Biscuit: Sprinkle, oil, cheese, eggs- Origin: Indigenous with Minas Gerais and São Paulo influence

7 Pão de Queijo: Milk, oil, flour, gluten-free cheese – Origin:  Mining since the 18th century

8 Corn Bread: Cornmeal, eggs, flour, oil and milk – Origin: Brazilian

9 Salted Hibiscus: Fruit of African origin – Japanese recipe  (Hana Ume)

10 Honey Bread: Jewish Ceremonial Bread – also known to the French as “Pain D'Epices”

11 Cagaita : Fruit of the cerrado – scientific name  “Dysenteric eugenics”

12 Baru Pesto: Basil, olive oil, roasted baru nuts, salt and cheese – Origin: Italian with national ingredients

13 Pequi : Pequi cream -  pequi, oil and salt – Origin:  thick

14 Waffles : Milk, flour and eggs – Origin: Belgian

15 Banana Pie: Flour, sugar, banana and cinnamon.

16 Whipped cream: Fresh cream, sugar and vanilla essence – Origin France 

17 Hibiscus tea; Fruit harvested on the farm, known as Quiabo D'Angola, Vinagreira, Azedinha, from which the

“Agua de Jamaica” (Mexico) – Origin West Africa

Vagafogo Wildlife Sanctuary

FUNATURA - Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), non-profit, declared of public utility, which since its creation in July 1986, has been dedicated almost exclusively to the conservation of the Cerrado biome's biodiversity, one of the largest in the world, which unfortunately has been undergoing an enormous process of devastation. Therefore, she is honored to present this book, as she participated and helped in its preparation.

Access the cookbook.

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