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The Sanctuary

In 1975, Evandro Ayer and Catarina Schiffer, looking for a place to develop activities with nature, bought the Vagafogo farm.

Realizing the richness of the place where the vegetation of the cerrado gives way to an exuberant primary riparian forest all bordered by the Vagafogo River, they start opening trails adopting preservation and sustainability goals. With well-kept paths inside the forest leading to the natural pool and small waterfall, the place became attractive for the Uirá children.  and Maira and friends.

In the 1990s, with the growing tourism in Pirenópolis, FUNATURA- Fundação Pró-Natureza proposes to the owners that the place be transformed into a RPPN- Private Reserve of Natural Heritage, which would enable the necessary resources for the maintenance and preservation of the place.

After the Management Plan was carried out, the RPPN - Private Natural Heritage Reserve was registered in an area of almost 30% of the property, making the Vagafogo Wildlife Sanctuary the first reserve in the state of Goiás and the first of a network of reserves. that FUNATURA would start.

  Attesting to the great potential of the place to  WWF - World Wildlife Fund, chaired by Prince Phillip, provides resources  for the construction of the Visitors Center and the Fundação O Boticário de Proteção a Natureza implements the same with  necessary utensils. These partnerships have also helped  in the construction of the Mãe-da-Floresta Interpretive Trail.

  Thus, on March 19, 1992, the Farm was opened for visitation with the  illustrious presence of Prince Phillip of England, the country that supported the project through its embassy.

Currently, the Vagafogo Wildlife Sanctuary is self-sustaining, offering several programs for tourism, environmental education  and in the production of cerrado products  in  surprising delicacies. Also due to its rich and diversified potential, the Management Plan was increased by revealing a new list of species.                    


Funatura's support resulted in the creation of a management plan for the property. Researchers identified elements of fauna, flora, geography, geology, hydrography, in short, it was possible through the plan to know in depth the richness and potential of the reserve.


For the execution of the management plan, Funatura had the financial support of WWF - Worldwide Fund for Nature. The project's financiers had the guarantee of the owners who registered the perpetuity for future generations of the farm's forest areas, totaling 17 hectares. In 1990, Ibama, the Institute for the Environment and Natural Resources, created the RPPNs and the Vagafogo farm became part of this important nature preservation project in Brazil.  


In order to implement the project, Ibama also supplied seized wood for the revitalization of the trail and the Fundação O Boticário de Proteção à Natureza donated electrical and electronic utensils for the needs of the time at the request of Vagafogo.  


The Goiás State Government and the Pirenópolis City Hall have collaborated for the recognition and promotion of the Vagafogo reserve, an example of ecotourism and sustainable development.            


" FUNATURA is proud of its partnership of more than ten years with the Vagafogo Sanctuary, which has been a great example for similar initiatives in various parts of Brazil, which combine nature conservation and economic sustainability."  

Cesar Victor do Espírito Santo

Executive Superintendent of FUNATURA

"The success of the Vagafogo reserve shows that it is possible to live in harmony with the environment. Using natural resources properly is what this private reserve has been doing successfully for 10 years."

  Dr. Garo Batmanian, WWF General Secretary – Brazil     

"When the word ecotourism was not yet part of everyday vocabulary, the British Embassy and WWF sponsored the construction of the visitor center for the Vagafogo Wildlife Sanctuary. be very successful. It is therefore with great satisfaction that we now see the fruits of that work.

Work that is not restricted to simply promoting ecotourism and nature conservation, but, even more importantly, promotes society's environmental awareness. This is a fine example of the kind of environmental initiative the UK is proud to support.

Exactly 10 years ago (March 19, 1992), Prince Phillip opened the visitor center. Today, certainly with the same satisfaction he felt, he inaugurated the new trails that will be used for environmental education, whose construction we financed. I wish good luck to those responsible for this wonderful work and continued success."

  Sir Roger Bone - British Ambassador to Brazil          

"I have been following for years, with interest and admiration, the successful experience in ecotourism that has been developed at Fazenda Vagafogo. First of all, the pioneering character of the initiative should be highlighted. The cultural importance of the project must also be acknowledged. For having paved the way for the initiative. It is also important to recognize the cultural importance of the project. For having paved the way for similar initiatives and, above all, for the work of environmental awareness that it carries out, Vagafogo deserves the recognition of all those who are concerned with the preservation of the I wish in this statement to register my enthusiasm for this important initiative. "

  Sérgio Amaral - Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade                    

"The Vagafogo Sanctuary represents for Goiás a benchmark in the sustainable use of natural resources. Vagafogo has determined new paths for ecotourism, teaching future generations the real value of the cerrado for the Goiás economy and, in particular, for tourism."

Marcelo Safadi - President of the Goiana Tourism Agency              

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