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Environmental education

The Vagafogo Environmental Education project is aimed at schools, faculties and specific groups, with the objective of demonstrating to the participants the relationship of interdependence  human being with nature and the importance of its protection, maintenance and preservation, both locally and globally.


The main activity of the project is carried out on the trails, which promotes  interpretation and understanding of flora, fauna, natural resources and sustainability.

Project's goal

The Vagafogo Environmental Education Project contemplates the awareness of the environment as a whole, but 4  factors stand out in the interpretive and interdisciplinary process:

1- Primary Forest, Climax Forest or Virgin Forest: it is an old forest that has never suffered significant disturbances nor has been exploited or influenced directly or indirectly by humans. Characteristics include the diversity among the trees that serve as habitats for countless species of wildlife.


  2- Riparian forest: covering most of the Sanctuary, it has beautiful jequitibás, angicos,  paus-dóleo and the jatobás,  standing out for its size and beauty  the jatobá "Mother of the Forest"  approximately 300 years old and which gives its name to one of the interpretive trails  The forest, always green, has more than 50 identified woody species and a significant epiphytic flora (plants that live on other plants), with 23 species of orchids, bromeliads, and mosses. Of vital importance to the health of the environment, the riparian forest in its natural state preserved in the Sanctuary shows its importance in all the harmonic process of nature, from the base of formation of water resources to the support of flora and fauna.


3-Cerrado Biome:  The flora of the Cerrado is also quite diversified in the Sanctuary, with several fruit species such as: the pequizeiro, the araticum, the cashew, the cagaita and the mangaba. Still beautiful in their flowering are the purple sucupira, the rosewood and the ephemeral but dazzling yellow ipês, whose flowering indicates the end of the dry season in the cerrado.

In view of the current fragility and threat of the cerrado biome in the face of urban and agricultural growth, the project addresses the vital importance of preserving this heritage that shelters the springs of 3 of the largest hydrographic basins in Brazil, still holding the greatest floristic diversity on the planet and the largest natural pharmacy in the world.  


4-Sustainability: the Vagafogo Sanctuary is recognized as one of the two most important successful sustainability projects in Brazil, with a total of 75 products originating from the farm, with 45 items offered in its Brunch.  

The development of products and activities developed at Vagafogo is based on the rational and economical use of the goods that nature offers. The Environmental Education project allows the participant to understand this whole subject and adapt it to their daily lives with the respectful use of natural resources.

  *In the sustainability approach, the importance of correct disposal of organic and inorganic waste is also addressed.                          

The Vagafogo Environmental Education Project is an experience that raises awareness and promotes

a new look at the environment. 

Individual price per child in a school group.........R$ 30.00

Lecture   trail ride     Guide   

*   2 Types of Juice


Individual price per child in a school group.........R$ 50.00

Lecture   trail ride     Guide  

 Children's Brunch : 2 types of Juice, Waffle, Jam, Whipped cream, Cheese bread, Cheese biscuit, Cold lizard made in olive oil, Sweet and sour seasonings, 2 types of Cake, Chocolate milk, Cheese, White bread, Honey bread.

  Call and schedule your school or group for this unforgettable experience:


    (62) 3335 8515 or  (62) 99222 5471 

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