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The Vagafogo Wildlife Sanctuary is a Private Natural Heritage Reserve, created in 1990 to promote environmental education, ecotourism and sustainable food production.  

The reserve has a beautiful and accessible interpretive trail of 1,500m, where the numerous centenary trees and the riparian forest that borders the Vagafogo River allow the interaction with the fauna, flora and the observation of birds. Along the way you will find: a natural pool with clear water for refreshing baths, a small waterfall, an area for contemplation, benches, tables and wooden platforms (decks).

A journey of love, protection and respect for nature and lives.

The tour to the Vagafogo Sanctuary promotes a few hours or the whole day of joy and contentment

Vagafogo Sanctuary
Vagafogo Sanctuary

Full connection of fauna and flora

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Within a wooded area with a wooden walkway (1,500 mts), natural pool, small waterfall and interpretive trail

Gastronomic festival 


The Vagafogo Brunch was developed from the sustainable production of fruits from the cerrado and the artisanal elaboration of several of the items.

Tree climbing, Rappel, Pendulum, Zipline

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The  Adventure at Fazenda Vagafogo takes place next to century-old trees promoting a feeling of freedom, pleasure and overcoming

Moments of tranquility

A pleasant gazebo in the tranquility of nature; a quiet hammock area next to the trees and a safe space for children's play.


Environmental education

For schools, colleges and specific groups  with the objective of demonstrating to the participants the relationship of interdependence  of the human being with nature and the importance of its protection, maintenance and preservation.

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